New FAA contract includes Q400

Bombardier Q400

The FAA has awarded Rubicon a new contract for airworthiness inspector training. This contract covers 13 aircraft types and supplements an existing contract covering 8 aircraft types. The new contract includes the most commonly operated Boeing and Airbus models, including the B777 and A320, but in addition includes the Bombardier Q400 and Dash 8 aircraft. This marks Rubicon’s first entry into turboprop aircraft training and further enhances its relationship with Jazz Aviation in Canada.

Rubicon Moves

It’s official.
Rubicon has a new address.
225 East Main St.
Carnegie, PA 15106

In the spring of 2012, Rubicon president Richard D’Loss decided that his training and consulting business needed to make a move.  Rubicon had been leasing office space in a old school.  If the business was to grow, it would need a new space of its own.  With that in mind, and with his strong belief in Main street America, he did the logical thing.  He bought a building on Main Street.  The building, which was formerly a doctor’s office, has been transformed into the new Rubicon headquarters.  It is located just a few blocks from the old offices in Carnegie, near Pittsburgh.

Richard acquired the property in September of last year and workers spent the winter months renovating the 110 year old building.  They gutted the entire first floor.  Everything was replaced— electrical, plumbing, HVAC, flooring, and finally, furnishings.  Rubicon held an Open House in May. “It’s very exciting to move into a new space.  From floor to ceiling, everything is new; the only thing we kept from the original interior was the brick fireplace in the reception area.” said Melissa Maurer, administrative assistant.  Rob Harpelle, maintenance training manager for Jazz Airlines provided a model Q-400 to grace the new Rubicon offices.  “We congratulate Rubicon on their move and we look forward to continuing our close relationship”.

“Now that this transition is complete, we refocus on growing our business.  Specifically, we see some opportunity in the regional aircraft market, that is, in addition to the CRJ training we already offer in partnership with Jazz. And despite the negative impact of sequestration, we see some opportunities in supporting government operations.” says D’Loss.

In addition to a new address, Rubicon has a new phone number, 412-276-2000.

Rubicon adds iPads to its toolbox

This week Rubicon is teaching its second course using iPads instead of paper manuals.  A B737-700 Systems course for one of our West Coast customers began on Monday.

“There comes a point when the cost of printing color manuals exceeds the cost of purchasing electronic tablets.  For us, that line was crossed in March of 2012”, said Richard D’Loss, President of Rubicon.  While there are a few disadvantages, like not being able to take notes in your training manual, the advantages are far greater.  For example, the students can zoom in on parts of graphics, which is especially important for schematics and control panels where the print in conventional manuals is often very small.  The iPads can easily accommodate an entire library of still photos and videos to complement conventional classroom training.  Also, the storage of paper manuals after the course is completed has always been a problem.  Training manuals often ended up in the basement or the trash can.  The iPads not only provide a better display of color graphics, but are space conserving and environmentally friendly.

In 2013, Rubicon looks forward to incorporating course examinations into the iPads.  An exam generator will provide random exams to provide security, give immediate results to the student, and transmit course results securely back to the Rubicon server.


FAA renews multi-fleet contract

Bombardier CRJ-700 in ASA colors

In May the FAA extended its contract with Rubicon for aircraft systems training for airworthiness inspectors on the following aircraft: EMB-170, A-300, A-310, A-340, CRJ-200, CRJ-700, DC-9, MD-80, B737-200, and Eclipse 500. Rubicon president, Richard D’Loss, responded, “We are pleased that the FAA is showing confidence in the Rubicon product by extending our option agreement for another year. Although some of the aircraft are legacy models, the Bombardier, Eclipse, and Embraer requirements provided the impetus for us to expand our product line. We look forward to another year with the FAA.”