Rubicon’s own instructors handle most of our customers’ requirements.  However, there are occasions when a customer request is outside our realm of expertise.  That is why we created informal alliances with Jazz Aviation in Canada, Delta Airlines in Atlanta, and JetBlue Airways in Orlando.  By partnering with these providers we are able to extend the range of services we offer our customers and still provide a Rubicon level of quality.

“What Rubicon brings to the table is a high level of professionalism and a deep understanding of the aviation industry in general and the aviation training environment in particular”.
Bill Bottoms, Executive Vice President, Team SAI

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New FAA contract includes Q400

Bombardier Q400

The FAA has awarded Rubicon a new contract for airworthiness inspector training. This contract covers 13 aircraft types and supplements an existing contract covering 8 aircraft types. The new contract includes the most commonly operated Boeing and Airbus models, including the B777 and A320, but in addition includes the Bombardier Q400 and Dash 8 aircraft. This marks Rubicon’s first entry into turboprop aircraft training and further enhances its relationship with Jazz Aviation in Canada.

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